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Peter Krause is simply one of the best driver coaches there is.

Peter’s approach to using data, video and simulators is a big part of why he’s so successful. He breaks things down and focuses on what’s most important.

That’s what makes a great coach great. It’s not how fast they drive, how many championships they’ve won or anything else. Nothing but results of their coaching.

Peter gets results.

-Ross Bentley, Professional Driver Coach and Author of Speed Secrets.

One-on-one, private, high-level driver performance analysis and optimization is our primary business. Fluent in GT cars, prototypes and top-level formula cars

FEBRUARY 21st, Krause will contribute in panel discussion about historic racing at the MSX Expo in Charlotte between 3-4 PM Saturday. Look for him at the Video VBOX, AiM Sports, Traqmate and Race-Keeper manufacturer displays at MSX Expo at the Charlotte Convention Center downtown at other times during Saturday, February 21st.

MARCH 7th and 8th, Krause is hosting a pair of AiM Learn Fast Intro and Advanced Training Seminars at VIR in his Driver Development Center in the Virginia Motorsports Technology Park from 9-4 PM Saturday and 10-4 PM Sunday. Preregistration is required and is available online through

MARCH 21st VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) SOUTHERN TECH MEETING-The Simeone Automotive Racing Museum - Philadelphia

Guest Lecturer, Peter Krause - “Up A Hill And Through A Turn. The Art of Vintage, Safety Fast” Meeting Space Is Limited, Preregistration is Required

$65 to Joseph DeLucia, 46 Witherspoon Road. Clifton, NJ 07013 (H) 973-744-6787 or (W) 973-728-1111 ext 103.

Museum Entry, Breakfast, Lunch and Lecture included

APRIL 4th, Krause will be presenting an entertaining and informative Instructor Training Seminar hosted by the Northeast and North Country PCA regions, as well as the Boston Chapter BMWCCA, near Boston. Pre-registration is required through NE Region PCA’s site

For nearly three decades, Peter Krause has assisted drivers in exceeding their own performance expectations. His focus is Vintage/Historic/high-level Club Racing drivers.

Analysis of his client’s performance using the latest in video and data logging equipment allows Krause to identify TARGETED opportunities for improvement.

His analysis and interpretation focuses solely on driver performance improvement.

Krause is a trusted resource for detailed track information, proven and proper technique as well as using new technologies to enhance improve driver performance,

K&A is a leading, authorized and value-added Video VBOX, AiM Sportline, Race-Keeper HD, Traqmate, MoTeC C-Series and SmartyCam HD dealer for North America.

We train drivers in the practical use of these systems.

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We sell and support five leading brands of data and video logging equipment.

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