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“One-on-one, private, high-level driver performance analysis and optimization is our primary business.”

Peter Krause is a leader in providing detailed, objective driver performance evaluation and strategy to his clients at tracks throughout North America. His TOTAL focus is as a resource for his clients.

Analysis of his client’s logged performance is carefully distilled into specific, highly detailed and TARGETED opportunities for improvement.

Krause is a trusted resource for detailed track information, proven technique and the the most practical, expedient use of new technologies that yield objective measures, solely to enhance driver performance.

“We are one of the largest and most experienced dealers for simple, usable data/HD video equipment for track-day, club/historic racing drivers and shops.”

We are an authorized, value-added Video VBOX, AiM Sports, Race-Keeper HDX2, Traqmate, MoTeC C-Series and SmartyCam HD dealer.

We sell/ship pre-configured systems that will provide the most expedient and valuable review and provide EXPERT pre-purchase advice.

Peter Krause is simply one of the best driver coaches there is.

Peter’s approach to using data, video and simulators is a big part of why he’s so successful. He breaks things down and focuses on what’s most important.

That’s what makes a great coach great. It’s not how fast they drive, how many championships they’ve won or anything else.

Nothing but results of their coaching.

Peter gets results.”

-Ross Bentley, Professional Driver Coach and Author of Speed Secrets.

Track Day advice from Road & Track magazine:

“Are you part of the one percent? Consider a private coach.

I always recommend that financially successful individuals with expensive vehicles consider the advantages of private coaching.

If you're risking a Ferrari F12berlinetta or a Porsche 918 on track, it can be useful to deal with someone who has documented experience in cars of that performance level.

It's also nice to work with the same person over and over again.

Guys like Aaron Povoledo, Peter Krause and Mike Skeen set the gold standard in this area.”

Below: The latest technology available for in-car video and HD data. This is a lap of NOLA on 4/15/16 using the new Racelogic VBOX Video HD2, available for pre-order in May, for delivery in June from our initial stock! Call or email NOW to get on the list!


Tools, Analysis and Strategy to Drive Better, Faster!

We sell and support five leading brands of data and video logging equipment.

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