Objective Analysis, Strategies to Improve,

Right Away!


Private Driver Performance Analysis and Optimization

Remote Data/Video Performance Review and Analysis, Between Events Only

  1. Four to ten pages with screen shots, remote analysis for one driver, $500 per session. Ten day/two week turnaround. Upload video/data to OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox or other file sharing application and share.

At VIR Performance Review and Analysis, By Prior Reservation Only

  1. Dedicated full day (up to six hours one-on-one) at-event at VIR, $1500/day

  1. VBOX and/or AIM equipment use included. Session briefing in the paddock, session debriefings at my facility in the Virginia Motorsports Technology Park adjacent to the track.

  1. Reduced rate for VIR Club Members, full day only

  1. Our intense, targeted performance review can provide tremendous insight and guidance on where and how you can get around VIR (and any other track) in less time, with less risk and often with FAR better performance.

The events we recommend (no particular order) are: VIR Motorsports Country Club Member Days, David Murry Track Days, SCDA, TrackDaze, Chin Track Days, Audi Club, Porsche Club of America, Tarheel Chapter BMW Car Club of America, Tarheel Sports Car Club. Please inquire.

We use data and video exclusively and do not ride with clients. Together, we undertake a careful review of the client’s performance every session and prepare no more than two objectives for the next session.

At VIR, access is included to our private Driver Development Center located on the campus of Virginia Motorsports Technology Park, adjacent to VIR and five minutes from the paddock.

All event entry fees and other client expenses are the client’s responsibility. MC/Visa/PayPal accepted.

Engagements are due and payable ten days in advance. Inquire for detailed policies.