Garmin Catalyst


Krause & Associates LLC is the leading authorized independent Garmin Catalyst dealer in North America!

We will be adding FAQ’s, descriptions and reviews from new users, installation tips and tricks as we accumulate experience with this wonderful new technology. Please check back.

With over a hundred and fifty sold in the first three and a half months, we are North America’s leading Garmin Catalyst specialist dealer, second only to the Garmin webstore.

We offer kits for instructors, coaches and drivers that switch from car to car.

This is NOT a conventional logger. It is a closed ecosystem for driver optimization on closed circuits in automobiles. No laptop required, no software or operating system navigation required, no “interpretation” required to gain tremendously useful information three different ways.

  1. 1)On screen display. Provides basic info and also whether what you are doing is an improvement, or not...

  2. 2)Spoken pro coaching. Linked by Bluetooth or a cable, the Catalyst provides basic and advanced session goals, during the session, based on car position laterally on track, braking and acceleration performance, comparative cornering capability and most important, gauging suggestions off exemplary performance YOU regularly achieve at least on some corners on some laps of a session, but don’t know it.

  3. 3)Prioritized “opportunities” listing of three areas on course that are the most valuable areas to focus on, and comparative data to show what you did better and what you could do better than on your quickest lap.

The verbal coaching is groundbreaking. The Catalyst “cuts directly to the chase,” no longer does the technology get in the WAY of accessing and focusing on the vetted and prioritized performance goals DURING and FOR THE NEXT SESSION. Finally, a way to progress with guidance, validated by objective and video measure.

Call, email or text us now to purchase this $999 powerhouse.

If you are looking for a driver performance optimization tool, one that might as well be called “Easy,” the new Garmin Catalyst fits the bill, perfectly!